Per person each night $70

Sleeping comfortably for 4 persons: 

Double bedroom with two single beds

Single bedroom with one king single bed
having single trundler bed (moved to lounge)

Two sofa beds in large lounge.

Bicycle storage:

Lockable shed on property.

Includes continental breakfast

For cooked breakfast instead, add $10

Breakfast Menu:

Continental no cost

Choice of cereal, fruit, yogurt, Vogel bread toast with spread, tea/coffee


Cooked (includes toast and spread, tea/coffee) $10 per person – slow release energy for cycling

Harraway’s whole grain oats with Australian chia seed, fruit, milk, molasses sugar to taste, or

Tony’s home cured bacon, free range eggs, onions lightly fried in olive oil

Spreads include:

Sherril’s homemade lime marmalade or plum jam

Paihere honey

Vegemite or Marmite

Dinner Menu:

   Bring your own, no cost

Cooking facilities available.


   Mulga Bill’s Tucker Box $25 (or $20 for half meat portion) per person, cook yourself

Tucker Box with meat options:

Chicken breast with spices, or

2 lamb leg chops or medallions with mint sauce or black pepper gravy, or

Pork leg chops with apple sauce

Vegetarian Tucker Box:

Beef steak tempeh in black pepper sauce or garlic and herb sauce

Meat and Vegetarian Tucker Boxes come with:

Gourmet potatoes or Andalusian potato salad (made with yogurt, not mayo), and

Green salad or seasonal vegetables to cook

BBQ Packs:

Pack1 ($20)

2 chicken satay sticks, 2 sausages

Pack2 ($25)

steak or 2 lamb chops, 2 sausages

BBQ Packs come with:

Onions, Andalusian potato salad (made with yogurt, not mayo) and Green salad



Harraways, Otago

The Company, still processes in the true Scottish tradition and style which gives Harraways oats a distinctive flavour and retaining the wholegrain “goodness of nature” in oat products. Harraway & Sons Ltd is a significant supplier of oat and grain cereals to the New Zealand retail and commercial markets

Tony’s Butchery in Kaikohe  – make the best bacon around

Manuka field near Ngawha Springs – used by Paihere Honey